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Coaching for Alignment
Within & Between

I am a personal growth and relationship coach. I guide clients to deepen their relationships, clarify their goals, and empower them to create the life they want.

Work With Me

  • Does it feels like you're speaking behind a glass wall? They see you but they don't hear you.  

  • Are you a mom who feels like her husband won't help with the family?  Do you feel too busy to find time for yourself?

  • Do you feel like you are just spinning your wheels? If you just work harder and do more, you'll finally get where you want to go.  But you're burnt out.

  • Sometimes, you just can't put your finger on what's wrong.

Whatever your reason for feeling unfulfilled, I'll lend you my ear and we can figure it out together and find a better way.

Relationship Coaching with Julie

Intimate Partnerships

Friendship Coaching with Julie


Parenting Coaching with Julie

Family Relationships

Navigating Faith Transitions with Julie

Faith Transitions

Boundary and Goal Setting with Julie

Job Satisfaction

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