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I’m Megan Roberts (Julie’s daughter), and my connection specialty is Massage Therapy.

I currently work at  Transcend Health Spa where I give Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal massages. In addition to massages, we offer:

  • A Float Tank, (aka Sensory Deprivation Tank)

  • A Traditional Sauna that gets to 190 degrees where you can pour water over hot rocks for steamy heat

  • An Infrared Sauna that gets to 140 degrees with bluetooth audio while you relax

  • Cold plunges that get as cold as 43 degrees

Contact Me

Megan Roberts

(210) 288-7617

Transcend Health Spa

(210) 920-8929

914 E Elmira St

San Antonio, TX 78212

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Connection Through Massage

I first started massage to help alleviate my brother’s and father’s chronic back pain and decided I could help more people by learning massage therapy. In doing so, I found it wasn’t just my family I loved to bring relief and relaxation to. Under my own hands, I witnessed the increased range of motion and dissipating knots, discovering my gift in healing arts. The more ease and harmony I bring to others, the more eager I am to enhance these skills for revitalizing my clients.


Massage is not just for physical pains or recovery. We hold much of our traumas and emotions in our body and as I work the knots, it allows the release of these stuck emotions. It resets our energy and gives us the pause our bodies need. Massage is the literal hands-on physical version of a body scan meditation. 

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